Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Phillies-Braves Game Rap

I ended up staying late at work because we were sort of trapped in the office due to the protest downtown, so I watched the Phillies-Braves game over Gameday. It was really reminiscent of Mariners games, as you can see -- a case of plenty of hits, not enough runs scored, plus the patented late-inning Franklin gopher ball. Anyway, for today's game summary, I am channelling Jimmy Rollins:

Wassup Phillies hey, it's J-Roll from the Bay,
Now gatha' round suckas, I got somethin' ta say.
In case ya ain't heard, I'm sittin' on third,
I wanna come home, but ya gimme the bird.
We gettin' on base but the runs ain't scorin',
I'm talkin' ta Chase 'cause he out there snorin',
We losin' last week, now we here in Atlanta,
We stealin' the sacks like a present from Santa,
We get two guys on, but then swingin' an' strike,
Yo Bobby an' Burly, Dellucci an' Mike.
We need some R to the B to the I, can ya hit 'em?
If they ain't gonna do it then we might as well sit 'em.
Hey brotha Bell, ya givin' em hell?
On a day where we slumpin', ya doin' real well.
Yo Rowan' and Ryan, I know you guys tryin'.
We left yas on base like the laundry out dryin'.
And Brett had it rough but he gave us a chance,
Tomorrow we brothas will go out and dance.
We get us support for our man Cory Lidle
And then bust a wrap on American Idol

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