Sunday, April 09, 2006

Book Club Recap

Game recap along in a bit, assuming I don't fall asleep at the keyboard.

We had five of us show up at the Elliott Bay cafe (and a big big thank you to those that did show up). We talked about Out of Left Field a bit -- about the different perspectives of the book, whether you actually lived here in 1995 or not (all of us did not, actually) -- about the politics behind the team being bought, and staying here, and the politics of getting Safeco Field built, and a little about how it compared to other stadiums in other cities and their processes. Decent amount of discussion about A-Rod and Griffey and the fact that the Mariners actually handled the transition from that trio of star players to the next generation fairly well.

The next meeting was already decided to be May 6th, 4pm, Baseball Between the Numbers by Jonah Keri and our friends down at Baseball Prospectus.

We decided that for June, the book we'd like to tackle is The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty by Buster Olney, because none of us had read it before, and because, hey, who doesn't like to read about the Yankees suffering? So, that's the book for June -- if you haven't read it yet, put it on your queue! The meeting will be June 3rd at 5pm, before the Mariners-Royals game.

I really need to work on publicity, I know. I'll do a better job by the next meeting -- also, maybe it won't be a horrible gloomy rainy day then, too -- and I'll try to have some sort of sign or something. I hope there wasn't anyone who showed up and couldn't find us, if so, I'm sorry!

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