Thursday, April 27, 2006

MLB Debuts in the White Sox series

A feature of Tuesday night's blowout game was Bobby Livingston making his MLB debut. I only heard his first batter on the radio, as he struck out Jim Thome, though the rest of his appearance didn't go quite as well. Still, it's exciting.

Last night, we noticed that the home plate umpire looked really young, when he ran out to the mound at one point. It wasn't until reading the game recap at Sports and Bremertonians that I noticed they mentioned it was the MLB home plate debut for Mike Muchlinski, a University of Washington graduate and Ephrata native. He worked at second base on Monday night, apparently.

Here's another article about Muchlinski from last week. I'm amazed; he's barely older than I am.

"With some of the fans, it's almost comical. My favorite was the guy who was yelling at me the whole game. He thought I looked really young," the young-looking Muchlinski said. "So he kept yelling at me, 'What are you, 14, 15? My daughter needs a date to the prom. Let me set you up.' "

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