Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaack

Well, I'm back in Seattle. I didn't finish reading Baseball Between the Numbers yet, but I did end up sitting in the middle of the University of South Florida baseball team on the PIT->PHL leg of my trip home today -- I was connecting to go to Seattle, they were connecting to go back to Tampa. Apparently they lost their series over the weekend to the University of Pittsburgh team and weren't too happy about it. Still, they were pretty funny to listen to.

I'll have my Pirates/etc pictures up sometime early this week, hopefully. I guess it depends on how many White Sox games I try to make it to, really. It appears that in the ten games that happened while I was out of town and ignoring the Mariners, they only managed to win two of them, so maybe they need my karma back.

Also -- I haven't been reading ANY blogs in the last week, and I'll try to catch up, but if you actually need me to know something specific, email me, because there's a pretty good chance I won't see it.

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