Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chicks Dig Phillies

Or at least, right now, I certainly do.

Phillies launch Baseball 101 for Women

"This unique opportunity for women is interactive, educational and designed to teach the fundamentals of baseball on and off the field."

When I saw the headline, I was slightly offended (due to the general stereotype that women don't know anything about baseball and need a "Baseball For Dummies" course), but when I looked at the details, it actually sounds pretty awesome! It's a one-day event which apparently features several on-field baseball skills clinics taught by Phillies coaches, some Q&A with players, a front office lecture on baseball business, some female sportswriters talking about their experiences in the field, and some other fun stuff.

I wonder if the Mariners front office has ever done something like this -- it sounds like it could be really interesting and fun, and definitely a step up from Stitch'n'Pitch Night.

As an aside, the Phillies lost their home opener yesterday, and it wasn't even remotely close, 13-5 to the Cardinals. At least Jimmy Rollins extended his hitting streak to 37. ("37?" "Shut up.") Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell hit home runs, but so did Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen. Chase Utley hit a CBP 2005 home run that was instead a CBP 2006 double, and generally showed the hustle and skill that makes Chicks Dig Chase Utley. Also, for whatever reason, the Cardinals have seen fit to take former Mariners scapegoat Scott Spiezio onto their roster, and appropriately, he pinch-hit and flied out to right to end an inning.

You know what's weird, though? The Phillies had their first game of the season at home in 1996 (and lost), and for almost a decade after that, they didn't have another opening day game at home until 2005 (and won). My Ballparks Calendar actually features Citizens Bank Park for this month, and the photo of the stadium was actually taken at the home opener on April 12, 2004 (which they also lost). It also has Gil Hodges for today's birthday instead of Tris Speaker, which mystifies me as usual.

As it is, today is also Scott Rolen's birthday, and fortunately for him, it's an off day for the Cardinals and Phillies. Something tells me the Phillies phans would be more than happy to sing him a lovely birthday song, which would go something like: "Happy birthday to BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

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