Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lazy Saturday; Pittsburgh Pictures; Tacoma ho!

I hate the Orioles, so I haven't really been paying attention to the Mariners games this weekend. Forgive me. I see that Beltre finally hit a home run today, which is encouraging, and he's almost threatening to climb out of the Weight Watchers bin. Unfortunately, King Felix, who alone got me 18 K's for my fantasy team last week, came out of today's game with a win, but a less than impressive showing for five innings with four earned runs, two walks, and only two strikeouts.

I won't be paying attention to tomorrow's game either, as I'm planning to trek down to Tacoma to take in some Rainiers vs. Bees hot stinging action. The game today got rained out, so tomorrow will actually be a doubleheader, where they continue today's game and then play Sunday's game as well. Should be sweet. Positive Paul and his family will be there, and I'll probably end up hanging out with them up in section C. Come say hi if you're there!

Sorry for the short notice; my guess is my next Rainiers game will be in June or July; by then it'll also be time for a trek up to see the Everett Aquasox as well. Fun. I should post a tentative schedule of my baseball trips this year; I'll be heading to Philly and San Francisco this summer for sure, probably Houston, maybe Chicago... and hopefully also Sapporo, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka/Kobe. Yes, I'm nuts. I really love travelling, though, and between baseball stadiums to see and friends to visit, I can find lots of places to go.

Speaking of visiting places -- I finally finished cropping and uploading my baseball pictures from my Pittsburgh trip, so check them out! If you don't want to look through all 72 or so of them, I also made a page with what I consider the best nine of them. I got a little fixated on Chris Carpenter and the other Cardinals players, and also took too many of the old guys signing stuff. Ah well.

And speaking of Pittsburgh, can you believe the Pirates are winning the weekend series against the Phillies? Ian Snell beat Brett Myers on Friday night, and Paul Maholm beat Cory Lidle tonight. Wacky. Tomorrow the inconsistent Gavin Floyd faces off against the inconsistent Oliver Perez. Who knows what'll happen. I always feel terrible when two of my "home" teams play each other, though; I never quite know who to cheer for. I feel both happy and sad no matter who wins.

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