Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Nicknames Post

I guess that if I really can't escape this whole "Seattle's wannabe Bat-Girl" thing, one of these days I was going to have to make a requisite "Nicknames" post. (Not to be confused with the Name Game Awards post, which honors baseball players with crazy names.)

Nicknames that I semi-regularly use around here:

Mariners / Ex-Mariners

Bobby Madritsch - "Bowflex"

Greg Dobbs - "Dobby the Bench Elf"

Dan Wilson - "Danny Boy"

Pat Borders - "Uncle Rico"

J.J.Putz - "John Jacob Jingleheimer Putz"

Jarrod Washburn - "J-Rod the Washburninator", Blue Eyes

Jeremy Reed - "Bearemy Reed"
Eddie Guardado - "Teddy Beardado"

Gil Meche - "Meche Assault"

Ron Villone - "Ronnie the Bear"

Chris Snelling - "Doyle" (from USSM)

Hunter Brown - "Hunter Brown For Third"


Chase Utley - "Chasey-at-the-Bat", "An Ace Homers Cutely"

Pat Burrell - "Pattycakes" (sometimes "Pattycakes Strikeout", if I'm pissed off at him).
Left field at CBP: Burrellville, Pattstown

Ryan Howard - "Cerrano"

Jimmy Rollins: "J-Roll", "J-Roll from the Bay" (after his rap song "Wish List" on Oh Say Can You Sing)
Jason Michaels: "J-Mike"

Cole Hamels: "Holy Camels", "Old King Cole"


Randy Johnson - "Big Ugly"

Orlando Hernandez - "El Dookie" (also from USSM)

Miguel Tejada - Mister-Swings-At-Everything (from Moneyball)

"Alphabet Soup" - refers to a lot of guys with long last names, but particularly Justin Duchscherer and Dougie Mientkiewicz

Mark Grudzielanek - "Grudzilla" (from the back of his Topps 2005 baseball card)

Jason Marquis - "Marquis Mark"

Joe Crede - "Shoeless Joe from Jefferson, MO" (sorta like Joe Hardy in Damn Yankees), "Speedy Crede", "Crede Clearwater Revival"

Rob Mackowiak - "Whack-o-Mack", "Mack Daddy"

Craig Wilson - "Mullet"

Kevin Youkilis - "The Greek God of Moneyball References"

Bobby Kielty - "The Heatmiser" (from MSB)

Joe Blanton - "Cupcakes" (from Athletics Nation)

Albert Pujols - "Pujols At The Bat"

Brad Wilkerson - "Bluegrass" (picked up from Ball-Wonk), "Wilkie" (picked up from my brother)

Roberto Petagine - "Eeny Meeny Petagine" (just like Eeny Meeny Morandini!)

Japanese baseball

Michihiro Ogasawara - "Guts" (it's just the nickname he already has), "Clean-Shaven Doppleganger"

Shunsuke Watanabe - "Sub" Marine

Hiroyuki Kobayashi - "The Other Kobayashi"

Tsuyoshi Nishioka - Boy Wonder Nishioka, Speed Star Nishioka

Tsuyoshi Shinjo - "Darth Shinjo"

Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi - "Old Man Shimoyanagi", "Teddy Bear"

Tomoya Satozaki - "Dorkozaki"

Tomoya Yagi - "Papa Yagi"

Kei Igawa - "Dappe", "Lord Igawa of Mito"

Satoru Kanemura - "Kanemoron"

Masahiko Morino - "Dragonbutt" (and thus Tatsunami is "Dragonbutt Senior")

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