Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It was nagging me. Whose birthday is 10/25? It's not Ichiro -- his was on 10/22. Yeah, it's Clint Nageotte's, but that wouldn't stick in my head. Neither would Pedro Martinez, honestly.

And then I remembered! Today's the birthday of my favorite Japanese player, the Nippon Ham Fighters star cornerman, Michihiro Ogasawara!

Happy birthday, Guts! I promise I'll come visit Sapporo in 2006, sit with the oendan, sing your cheer song, and watch your bizarre but sweet swing.

Okay, and something interesting for the rest of y'all: in searching for the Ogasawara "Guts" fan site I found the page explaining about how the Sapporo Dome retractable soccer field works, complete with Quicktime movie. If you think Safeco's retractable roof is an engineering marvel, take a look at this. They play indoor baseball on turf, and then bring in a real grass field from outside for indoor soccer. Crazy.

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