Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Mariners' Newest Southpaw, Bearemy Reed

I suppose this could be filed under "Posts that Deanna makes that you'd never see on a normal baseball blog". Yes, my weekend posts tend to be fluff, but I might be going overboard a bit this time. Bear with me.

I won't explain exactly how or why I ended up in the Build-a-Bear Workshop up in Alderwood Mall today, but suffice it to say, when given the choice of what to build my bear with, it was fairly obvious I was going to do the baseball thing, which didn't surprise any of my friends, of course. Build-a-Bear itself has some sort of deal with MLB, because on their site you can order tons of licensed bear uniforms and t-shirts of all the teams, and they even have a Build-a-Bear workshop at Citizens Bank Park where you can make your own Philly Phanatic.

Anyway, it was actually pretty fun putting this guy together. You start with a deflated stuffed animal, pretty much, and can choose a sound chip for them if you want -- I got him one to play "Take me out to the ballgame" when you press his left paw. Then you stuff them and give them a heart, and then pick out an outfit and stuff. I chose the Mariners uniform and the spikes and the glove/ball/bat combo. I had to give him a name for their "bearth certificate" thingy, and since this particular bear type is already named "Bearemy", unlike the other bears who are called things like "Brown Bear" or "Velvet Bear" or "Butterscotch Bear", I figured what the heck, and typed in his name as "Bearemy Reed", then complained that they didn't have a left-handed glove for him. (If you look closely, you'll see that I actually put the glove on his right paw upside down. I figured since the sound button is in his left paw, I didn't want to put the glove on over it; and since Jeremy Reed is lefthanded anyway, it made more sense for the bear to be lefthanded too.)

Bearemy Reed
Oh my god, bear is diving! How can this BE??

Right now his name is Bearemy Reed, but I was trying to think up some better names for him. What do you guys think would be good? Some of the ones I came up with were:

- Adrian Beartre
- Felix Bearnandez
- Jarrod Washbear
- George Bearrill
- Dave Bearba
- Robearto Petagine

I'm quite sad that we've lost Jolbeart Cabeara, too. He would have been a fine Beariner.

Okay, maybe I should just keep him as Bearemy Reed. I was debating just naming him "Snelling", since I think The-Outfielder-Known-as-Doyle is really sort of like a big cuddly teddy bear himself and it'd be a great name for a stuffed animal, but I don't want to jinx him any further.

EDIT> OMGBEAR! How about "Teddy Beardado"? He can still stay left-handed, even!

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