Monday, September 12, 2005

Old baseball cards are fun to find :)

I was going to finish the next chapter of the Bullpen of Secrets tonight, but I'm feeling pretty creatively shot.

Instead, I worked on verifying some other at-bat music and whatnot. The Mariners fan staff actually wrote back to me with a couple at-bat songs -- but they didn't have the lists of music for the newer players! I did update the page, though, with the new information.

If you haven't looked there lately, it's become not only the At-Bat Music but also all sorts of music you will hear at Safeco Field.

Ah... just for kicks, I was sorting through some baseball cards and thought I'd scan in a few for amusement value. I give you your 2005 Mariners coaching staff (and one bonus):

(now linked because of some problem with the images showing up)

Manager: Mike Hargrove, Indians first baseman, Fleer 1985
Bench Coach: Ron Hassey, White Sox DH / Catcher, Topps 1987
Hitting Coach: Don Baylor, Red Sox DH / 1B, Topps 1987
Bullpen Coach: Jim Slaton, Brewers RHP, Topps 1981
Third Base Coach (DL): Jeff Newman, Red Sox Catcher, Topps 1984
Ancient Mariner: Jamie Moyer, Cubs LHP, Donruss 1989

Wheeeeeeeeee. I love looking through old cards! (Maybe I'll scan in some old Borders / Edgar / Buhner / etc cards sometime when I'm bored, if people want.) And no, these aren't rookie cards, just random ones I found in my collection. It's still neat to see the old pictures.

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