Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wince Shares and other stuff

1) Tom G of the awesome Phillies blog Balls, Sticks, and Stuff forwarded me a great link this morning. Based on a comment I made on Tom's site, a writer at the Hardball Times took my idea for "Wince Shares" seriously and actually came up with a metric for it, involving the least Win Shares for the most money paid. This is good, as I'd wanted to write about it but wasn't enough of a stathead to come up with a good metric. Also, he agrees that Scott Spiezio was wince-tastic.

2) Along with yesterday's wholly satisfying blowout against the Braves, the Phillies have managed to score FIFTY runs in the last week, doubling the amount they scored the week before. Yes, Phillies phans, from Sep 1-7 the Phillies scored 25 runs, and from Sep 8-14 they scored 50 runs. And that's with a day off on September 8th, even. They are ON PHIRE!

3) Thanks to Houston beating the Marlins yesterday and the series going 2-1 towards Florida, there's pretty much a virtual three-way tie for the NL Wild Card currently. I love it. And kudos to the Mariners for winning their 64th game yesterday, ensuring they will finish better than last year's 63-99 record even if they blow the next 17 games.

3a) Speaking of which, I have a lot of respect for Roger Clemens for taking the mound the day his mom died, and in addition, totally kicking butt. Eat that, A.J.Burnett!

4) Friday night I'm flying to Minneapolis to go to my friend Laurel's wedding, which is at the Metrodome before Saturday morning's Twins-WhiteSox game. El Presidente is pitching against El Dookie. I had been meaning to mention it at some point, and I'll certainly write a game report, but now Bat-Girl has a link to it, along with the invitation text. Isn't that awesome? I don't think I will ever get another wedding invitation with the text "root, root, root for the home team" in it, nor mentioning the wedding venue as being at 34 Kirby Puckett Place. Wheeee!

5) I have to commend PositivePaul of Mariners Morsels for a hilarious team affinity rating, the PISTL (pronounced like "pistol"), or Pleasure-In-Seeing-Them-Lose stat, mentioned recently in a Lookout Landing thread. I shall have to write a more indepth personal PISTL index sometime, both with my favorite and least favorite teams and players.

Rather than making a new post to say like, one thing, I'm just editing this in (at 1pm on Friday). I'm not bringing my laptop to Minneapolis with me, but I will have my Sidekick. Chances are this won't get updated again until Sunday night or Monday morning. I don't know if I really have enough readers for it to matter anyway (do I? hello, readers!), but I figured I might as well leave some sort of parting note before I take off. I promise there will be some creative funny stuff next week. Honest.

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