Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beyond the Baselines, 2006

Well, um, I should be getting on a bus to ride to the airport in around half an hour. Hopefully my next post will be from halfway around the world!

I'm taking my scorecard book with me and don't want to worry about losing the last month or two of "Beyond the Baselines" things I've scribbled down in case I lose the book, so here they all are in one entry. I should go back and edit earlier ones in at some point.


Favorite sport to watch besides baseball: car racing
Favorite TV Channel - BET
Favorite Ice Cream - Cookies'n'Cream

Favorite TV show : ESPN Outdoors
Childhood Hero - Alvin Davis
First Job - Construction
Would also Love to Be - ER Doctor

Favorite Actress : Kim Basinger
Favorite Music - Merengue
Favorite Sport other than baseball - Basketball
Favorite Subject in School - P.E. and Recess
Favorite Charity - Manny Mota Foundation
Childhood Hero - George Bell
Favorite Actor - Chris Tucker
Favorite Ice Cream - Cookies'n'Cream

Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Cuisine - Mexican food
Little League Positions - Pitcher and Shortstop
Favorite Actress - Kim Basinger
Favorite Sport Other than Baseball - Fishing

Favorite Sport to play other than baseball: Golf
Favorite Sport to watch other than baseball: Football
Favorite Road Park - Yankees
Favorite Actress - Uma Thurman
Favorite Charity - Fight Against Cancer
Favorite Band - Pearl Jam
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Meal to Cook - Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Actor: Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman

Favorite Ice Cream : Vanilla
Favorite Subject in School - P.E.
Favorite Actor - Jackie Chan
Favorite Actress - Meg Ryan

Favorite Road Ballpark: Anaheim
Favorite Snack - Spaghetti with Ketchup

Favorite Road Park: Jacobs
Favorite Music - Reggaeton (?)
Favorite Actor - Vin Diesel
Favorite Food to Make - Spaghetti
Little League Positions: Shortstop

Favorite Food : Sushi
Favorite TV Show - Rescue Me

Favorite TV Show - CSI
Childhood Hero - Nolan Ryan
Favorite Album - Ten by Pearl Jam

Favorite Charity - Mariners D.R.E.A.M

Childhood Heroes - Tony Gwynn, Michael Jordan

Favorite Movie - Star Wars

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