Monday, August 21, 2006

Lose, lose, lose

I went to Canada for a day trip today to catch up with a friend of mine I haven't seen in way too long who was out there this week/weekend. In short:

- KOMO actually broadcasts all the way up into metropolitan Vancouver, 150 miles from home. The Mariners game today pretty much went for my entire 3-hour drive up, starting when I left my house and ending right after I got out of the tunnel, and I was able to listen to it the whole way.

- The Mariners lost. That's 11 straight and 20 straight divisional.

- Komadai lost. I was driving back from Canada, it was about 11pm, and my phone blinks at me that I've got a message. I glance down, a friend had sent me "WASEDA WINS 4-3!!!!" and I nearly crashed my car.

I have to go piece together a recount of today's Mariners game for LL, so I don't have time to say much. Congratulations to Waseda (and especially Yuuki Saitoh -- that kid is going to go FAR!) on their first Koshien championship win, but I really wanted to see the three-peat.

If nothing else, this year's tournament was much more dramatic than anyone expected, I'm sure. And in the very last at-bat, with the entire tournament on the line, Waseda's pitcher Saitoh struck out Komadai's pitcher Tanaka for the final out. Adachi Mitsuru couldn't even write a plot like this.

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