Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PSA: Koshien Tournament

I don't know if there are links about this anywhere in English (aside from the thread on, but the Summer Koshien tournament is going on right now, and even better -- they're streaming it live over the net! It's so cool! Especially right after "Japan Night"!

Koshien's this huge national high school baseball tournament (covered in the "Kokoyakyu" documentary). It's one of the biggest baseball events in Japan, period -- it gets as much press coverage as pro baseball does, and is played in the Hanshin Tigers' stadium (they go on a horrendous road trip for three weeks).

Here's the schedule of all matches. Japan is 16 hours ahead of us, so the games run roughly from 4:30pm until 2am Seattle time (8:30am to 6pm Japan time).

Here's the page with the live streaming link. Just click on the big blue box that says "LIVE!" in it.

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