Friday, September 01, 2006

Greetings from Japan

I made it here safe and sound.

For all two of you who will get this, I wore my Hasegawa #17 number t-shirt on the plane -- and in customs on the way out, the guy who checked my passport sees my shirt and goes "Oh! Mariners! You know Ichiro?"

I'm dead serious, though at least he said it in Japanese.

There's a 90% chance I'm heading up to Sendai in the morning with a friend of mine to go see Kazumi Saitoh, the best pitcher in Japan, beat up the Kansas City Rakuten Golden Eagles. At least Ichiba's pitching for them -- he's one of the few interesting spots on that roster.

If not, we're going to the Lions-Fighters game out in Tokorozawa. Wheeeeeee!

I'm really happy to be back here, seriously.

By the way, in case it isn't obvious, I won't be reading other blogs much if at all while I am here, so if you want to ask me something or for me to see or know something, EMAIL ME OR COMMENT HERE. Don't expect me to have read it elsewhere.

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