Monday, August 07, 2006

Photo Post

I haven't added captions yet, but here's some of the pictures I took today:

Mariners vs. A's, Aug 6 2006

I think my top ten favorites are, in no particular order,

10. A Call To The Bullpen
9. What Should I Do With This Dummy?
8. Justin Duchscherer
7. Pouty Sean Green
6. Sweet Huston Street
5. Sherrill and Mateo
4. Swisher Takes A Fall
3. Swingin' Richie
2. Ichi-throw
1. EverQuist

and of course ones like "CUPCAKES, DESTROYER OF WORLDS", but I used that one in the last entry.

You know, I'm not nearly as obsessed with Huston Street or Brandon Buckley as this photo set would have you believe, though. It's just that the dummy escapade completely cracked me up. (You can see most of it on page 2 of the pictures.)

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