Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baseball Book Club, THIS SATURDAY!

Have you read Fantasyland, by Sam Walker?

Are you playing fantasy baseball this year?

Do you want to go the Mariners-A's game Saturday and chat about books and baseball afterwards?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then your presence is humbly requested at the Elliott Bay Book Company cafe, downstairs, near the back, about 20-30 minutes after the game ends (estimated 4:30pm, due to the 30 minutes it'll take Danny Haren to pitch 8 innings and the 3 hours it'll take Joel Pineiro and six guys from the bullpen to pitch 9 innings), for baseball book club. I'll wear something conspicuous like a Pirates Kendall #18 t-shirt to make the group easy to spot.

If you want to go to the game in a group beforehand, LET ME KNOW. I could either set something up where we meet up outside Safeco before the game and get tickets as a group, or it could just be a free-for-all and we'll meet up at the bookstore afterwards. As of yet I don't personally have a plan for attending the game; in the past, the game has been AFTER book club, so there was no extra coordination necessary. This month is a little bit different.

Either way, I hope to see some old and new faces there. Fantasyland is a seriously awesome book, and it's even a quick read -- if you get it today, you'd probably get through enough of it in a few days to laugh about it with everyone, if not the entire thing. It's just such a fantastical yet entertaining story. Also, we need to pick some books for upcoming months, too.

So see you Saturday!

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