Friday, May 26, 2006

Homeward Bound

I'm staring at my information,
Got a ticket for my destination.
On a tour of baseball stands,
My scorebook and a card in hand
And every weekend's neatly planned
For a blogger gone across the land...

Tonight I'm getting in a plane and flying to Philly for the weekend for a weekend of Phamily, Phriends, and Phillies. I'm pretty sure I'll update from there, but in case I don't, now you know why.

Cole Hamels decided to ruin my Memorial Day weekend by going on the DL, so my guess is that I'll be stalking Ryan Madson on Sunday, and enjoying Dollar Dog Day on Monday, but in all honesty my plans are still nebulous. I also didn't realize Rick's Steaks took over for Geno's in Ashburn Alley. Crazy. Now if only they would put a Lee's Hoagie House and a Tastykake in the stadium, I could basically live in Citizens Bank Park. I mean, good sandwiches and Chase Utley, what else do I need in my life?

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