Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Deja Vu

Felix vs. Blanton, Moyer vs. Zito... I swear we've been here before about five weeks ago. And so far, it's looking like much of the same.

It's just depressing to talk about tonight's games. The Mariners lost by a 12-6 landslide as the DH (!) Adam Melhuse hit a grand slam off His Royal Outside-and-Highness. I don't know what's up with Felix, and I only caught parts of tonight's game on Gameday as I was moving stuff anyway, but I'm sure Dave Cameron will have more to say about it tomorrow as he was apparently charting Felix tonight. (MORNING EDIT: Here's Dave's Felix charting article.)

As it is, I have Felix on my fantasy team. I also have Nick Swisher. Take a guess which one I'm happier with right now.

Half of Joe Blanton's starts have been atrocious. Of the good half, half of those have been against the Mariners -- and both against Felix. Go figure.

It's been a week or two since I've recounted the Mariner diets, but right now:

Weight Watchers (5/16):
Adrian Beltre, listed at 220, batting .214. He had climbed out of the diet range for a bit there, but has since fallen back.
Richie Sexson, listed at 235, batting .192. Richie, when are you going to become the lean mean hitting machine you were last year?

Jeremy Reed's batting .218 now and listed at 200, so he's okay.

I followed the Phillies game tonight a bit as well. The headline for tonight's 3-2 loss may read "Error dooms Philly", but in reality it seems it should be "Franklin dooms Philly". I guess Tom Gordon had made a lot of appearances lately, but I was really surprised to see Franklin left in for the bottom of the 9th inning with a tie game and all. That seems like the right time to put in your closer, or well, anyone other than Ryan Franklin. And while having Felix give up 5 unearned runs tonight was already ridiculous, it's even more ridiculous that the game-losing run Franklin gave up was unearned because of his own throwing error. Yeesh.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, Aaron Rowand talks about crashing into the wall last week. Article comes complete with close-up of his mangled face. I'm still amazed and glad that he didn't damage his eyesight or anything else. And now the padding is up on the fence, which is good.

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