Friday, May 12, 2006

Counting up Friday

Firstly, I finally finished writing up Tuesday night's game fun. I may have totally screwed up RSS by moving around entries, so forgive me. If you actually come here via the normal blog, then you may want to skip back and read the game report, though of course, it came down to Felix Rules, Waechter Sucks, And Meadows Sucks More. (I swear, in games I've seen Brian Meadows in he's pitched about one inning total and given up about twenty runs. No joke.)

Secondly, I'd talk about Wednesday afternoon's game, but what more can I say besides THE ONLY RUN OF THE GAME WAS SCORED WHEN JAMIE MOYER BALKED? The Mariners lost 1-0 as Richie Sexson aimed to do his best Paul Bunyan impersonation, but got screwed up along the way and did his best Russ Branyan impersonation instead. Moyer pitched respectably, but the Mariners couldn't get anything off of Scott Kazmir, which isn't really that surprising. Not being able to score a run off their bullpen either, though, is inexcusable. Ugh.

Thirdly, I forgot to forward the really funny video here of Hiroshima Carp manager Marty Brown throwing first base in a truly Lou Piniella moment last weekend. While I'm at it, um, that whole Zuleta-Kanemura brawl is apparently also viewable on YouTube. Gah. Poor Kanemura.

Fourthly, I suppose I jinxed the Phillies yesterday by pointing out how well they're doing. And worse, Aaron Rowand took a centerfield fence in the face during tonight's game; check out the video linked from that article. Amazing play, but holy crap, I hope he's okay.

Fifthly... Geary's down. Cole is up. He'll be starting tomorrow's game against the Reds, and of course, the game starts while I'm at work. I suppose that's what the Gameday app is for; at least I can still count the K's as they happen, even if I can't see them. You have to understand; I'm left-handed and from Philadelphia. Of *course* I'm getting overly psyched about King Cole. He's a merry old soul, and a merry old soul are we.

Sixthly, if you're one of the people who reads this blog but not USSM and somehow hadn't heard already, Doyle is back. The Force is strong with this one so far.

Seventhly, Takuro Ishii of the Yokohama Bay Stars got his 2000th hit yesterday. Not only is this a huge milestone to hit, but Ishii is interesting in the career path he took. He joined the Taiyo Whales in 1989 as a pitcher, then converted into a third baseman, and has been a full time shortstop since 1996. Westbay-san noted that he is only the fourth player ever in Japanese baseball to get 2000 hits who also pitched in a pro game.

Eighthly, Hideki Matsui broke his wrist tonight, and will be out for several months, possibly the whole season. The sucky part is, this effectively ends his consecutive-game streak at 1768, counting his 518 with the Yankees and 1250 with the Giants back in Japan. Love or hate the Giants or the Yankees, this really does suck for him; I thought he had a pretty good chance of getting to at least 2000 consecutive games.

Ninthly, I would mention how the Nippon Ham Fighters are doing, but I don't want to jinx them too. With the Fighters playing Yokohama this weekend and the Hawks and Lions playing Hanshin and Yomiuri respectively, there's a really good chance the PL standings might stay in the order they're in currently. That is all.

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