Monday, June 04, 2007

Random links post

Geoff Jenkins has a blog. Cool. The funny part is that he mentioned that Chris Capuano, JJ Hardy, Bill Hall, and Jeff Suppan filmed a segment for The Young And The Restless. That's just hilarious. More details on that here and here. Considering JJ Hardy already looks like a soap opera star, this isn't too far out there.

Kevin Youkilis is also going to try out the mlblogging thing. The first sentence on his blog is "Maybe we can finally put all of this 'Kevin Youkilis can't run' stuff to rest now", about his inside-the-park homer the other day. Hmmmm.

MetsGrrl made me aware of two things, one funny, one sad. The funny is in theory lolyankees, which I hadn't seen before making my silly lolmariners of Betancourt. I have a feeling that I don't get some of the Yankees jokes, but hey, that might not be a bad thing. And the sad thing was that Bat-Girl is retiring from blogging, which is pretty crazy. I would not be lying if I did not say that at one point -- mostly around the 2005 Postseason -- I was basically just a wannabe Bat-Girl. Very sad.

If you haven't seen it yet, Mississippi Braves (AA) manager Phil Wellman went nuts the other day in a game against Chattanooga. See the video of it on YouTube. Funny part is, the Braves are playing the Mariners AA team right now. Crazy, huh?

The Pacific League is now beating the Central League 34-22-1, if I counted properly. The Fighters are... I'm not jinxing them. They are doing well, that's all I'll say. Seibu is sucking, and are 2-8 in interleague so far, while even Rakuten has a winning record at 6-3 and has been dancing with .500 for a bit. Baseball is great.

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