Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mixed signals

I promise to write an actual coherent entry one of these days. Honest.

For now, I have another "hey, this picture I took kind of sucks, but let me add a caption to it" candidate for you all.

Third base coach Demarlo Hale, in the Red Sox dugout Tuesday night...

manny can i has this dance?

I really was trying to come up with an "invisible something" one, but nothing seemed quite right.


The Mariners swept the Red Sox today, winning this afternoon's game in eleven innings, and managing to screw up rush-hour traffic something awful. Ryan Feierabend ("Fear is the mind-killer. Feierabend is the rally-killer.") played to Safeco's strengths and pitched 5 scoreless innings; Matsuzaka pitched 8 innings of one-run ball, and a Sean Green throwing error is what caused the game to be tied at 1-1 for an eternity. In a somewhat appropriate outcome, Ichiro scored the winning run on an RBI double by Jose Lopez... hit off of former Mariners enigma Joel Pineiro.

On a mostly unrelated note, while looking for something else, I found this fantastic article by Michael Lewis about Mark Teahen and Steve Stanley, from two years ago, but still totally worth reading. I say mostly unrelated because the Royals also finished sweeping the Angels this afternoon, causing me to notice that John Buck has been raking lately, so now the question becomes, which Royal is going to be the token KC all-star? Will it be Mark "McDreamy" Teahen, or John "McSteamy" Buck, or Gil "McFourSeamy" Meche?

(don't blame me for those nicknames, blame Royals Review. I've never seen Grey's Anatomy or whatever. I do, however, think that Mark Teahen is dreamy.)

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