Monday, June 25, 2007

Know any Red Sox fans? Or Matsuzaka fans?

Specifically, any of them who live in Seattle and are going to the games this week and might want to buy this banner off me?

itadaki sanshin matsuzaka

I'm selling it for $25 or best offer. I bought it at the Seibu Dome during last season, even though I was already sick of the Matsuzaka hype, because I figured that if he did come to the Mariners it'd be something cool to wave around at the stadium, but now I've just realized there's no way in hell I'm going to wave it around when he pitches for the Red Sox, so I might as well get it to someone who will. I've basically taken it out of the wrapping it came in twice -- once to look at it after I bought it, and once to take the above picture.

It's made out of cloth, the pole is plastic, and it's about 20" x 20". It says "Itadaki Sanshin!! 18 Matsuzaka Daisuke", which means "Give us a strikeout!!", essentially.

I can bring it downtown on Tuesday or Wednesday during the day, I'm going to Tuesday's game and maybe Wednesday's, or someone can come get it from me in Ballard in the evening. The Sox are also coming back in August as well, so there's no real rush per se (and I'll be selling off more of my baseball stuff in a month or so, too).

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