Wednesday, July 26, 2006

With Or Without Choo

Shin-soo Choo and a PTBNL traded to Cleveland for Ben Broussard


I'm going to miss seeing Choo's son running around the stands in Tacoma -- he really is one of the cutest little kids in existence -- but damn, Ben Broussard! Now there's some lefty sock! I think it's really ironic that the Mariners ended up acquiring both sides of the amazing Cleveland first-base two-headed monster platoon. Now the question is, does this mean Big Richie's also in for a Big Switchie?

I keep meaning to get Broussard's CD (in case you don't already know, he considers himself a musician as well), since hearing him perform "With Or Without You" on the Oh Say Can You Sing CD last year. He has a really nice voice, even counting the part where he does some beatboxing on Coco Crisp's rap song on that same album.

And for the obligatory female comment, adding Snelling and Broussard to the team and subtracting Everett raises the team cute factor by quite a bit!

One thing about this trade, though -- the Mariners are heading to Cleveland to play a series this weekend. So Broussard will effectively end up reporting to work the same as always on Friday... just he'll be in the visitor's clubhouse instead. That's got to be sort of harsh, playing in your former home stadium right after being traded. And Choo's gonna be the Big League Choo soon enough playing against the Mariners, as well.

Still, sweet. My desire to head to Safeco tonight is rising, even though I know it's a really bad idea.

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