Thursday, July 27, 2006

A.J. Burninated

I ended up not going to Safeco tonight, and between doing random stuff, didn't get to see much of tonight's game. I did hear Snelling on the pre-game show on the radio. He had a stronger accent than I remember him having in the past, but it was lovely nonetheless. He talked about his dogs, among other things.

The Mariners won the game 7-4. Moyer and Burnett both seemed to be having a "Who can throw more pitches?" contest, while I was watching. It says Moyer threw 103 pitches, and I think at least 80 of those pitches were just the ones thrown to Reed Johnson and Troy Glaus.

This win also meant a second consecutive series win, and puts us at 6-6 since the break. Oakland and Anaheim won today, but Texas lost to the Yankees to continue their slide -- during a commercial break, I managed to flip to ESPN at just the right moment to see Jason Giambi launch a home run off Akinori Otsuka. Also, Sal Fasano was apparently the starting catcher for the Yankees. Wacky.

The P-I reports that Snelling is supposedly going back to Tacoma after tonight's game, which sucks. I swear, there've been about ninety times in the last year or two where I've wished it was possible to somehow stuff a hug in an envelope and send it to him.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated but neat note, one of my friends from college who's still living in Pittsburgh went to the All-Star game and did an interesting street portraiture sort of photography project -- rather than taking pictures of players at batting practice, he went around the stands before the game and took photos of fans wearing caps of all 30 major league teams, which turned out to be a more difficult endeavor than you'd expect. In his words: "I spent the last 45 minutes frantically tracking down a Colorado Rockies fan. I was about ready to hug him."

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