Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Choo's Your Own Adventure

Jeremy Reed broke his thumb the other day, and the lucky contestant to take his place on Field of Fortune is apparently Shin-Soo Choo, who will be ducking out on the PCL All-Star game to spend time up in the Show instead.

You know, when I gleefully mentioned that Jered Weaver was ousting his big brother from the Angels pitching staff, it didn't occur to me that his next start in the majors was going to be against none other than King Felix Hernandez. Sadly, Weaver Fever hit Seattle and he burned the team down as the Mariners lost the game 7-1.

I didn't pay much attention to any baseball today, as I was watching two of my friends get married on a roller coaster in Santa Cruz. No, really. I'd say how the ceremony was, only we were all screaming too loudly after we went down the first hill to hear most of it. The cool part was, the reception was a barbecue back at the bride and groom's house, so I wore a Mariners t-shirt, making this the second straight wedding I attended where a baseball shirt was reasonable attire, although I'm not sure the last one counts, being as it was at the Metrodome. It still cracks me up when Laurel mentions wearing her "wedding jersey" to Twins games now.

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