Friday, July 21, 2006


I just spent the last four hours of my life reading WordUpThome. Like, all of it. In one go. I'm surprised I didn't wake up my housemates with all the time I was laughing aloud. It's funny, I'd heard of the site before, but never really read it because I don't really think it's cool to make fun of Jim Thome. Fact is, I still don't think it's cool to make fun of Jim Thome, but this stuff is hilarious. It's like South Park or American Pie or something, where you're laughing your ass off but feeling guilty about it.

So because I was basically doing that instead of writing the song about Mark Lowe's slider that I promised David, I might as well try to pick out a "top ten" of pages from there, but honestly, if you've got 3-4 hours to spare, and you've been on Planet Baseball for the last few years, you'll probably get a kick out of all of them.

- Why is it always so hot in Citizens Bank Park?

- Leeroy "Jiiiiim Thomeeeeeee" Jenkins (I don't even play WoW and I thought this was brilliant.)


- Abreu Represent


- Cubby Arcade (part 2) (part 3)

- Who Shot Jim Thome? (WSJT Part 2)

- "Rent" parody

- The Showerhead: A Mackowiak Odyssey

- Padilla Padilla Padilla

- The Mudville 9 Chatroom, with

- Endy And A Jones

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