Sunday, July 30, 2006

Traded Traitors!

Friday: Shin-soo Choo. Homers off Felix in the 6th, Mariners lose the game 1-0 on that homer.

Saturday: Ben Broussard. Homers off Brian Sikorski in the 9th, Mariners win 3-1 on the insurance run.

Brian Sikorski? Wow. Last time I saw him pitch, he was in Japan.

In theory, for this trend of "traded guys homering against their former teams" to continue for the weekend, Eduardo Perez has to hit one tomorrow off of Cliff Lee.

In more fun trades, David Bell was just traded to the Brewers, and he hit a double and scored two runs in today's game. It feels like half of those Brewers weren't on the team two weeks ago. Graffanino? Mench? Bell? Cordero? Yeah. Being as I'm the only person I ever actually heard cheering for David Bell when I went to Phillies games, I'm sure there's not too much of an outcry in the Phlogosphere, though Tom Goyne made a David Bell Tribute Page which is kind of funny.

Anyway, today is July 30, 2006. On July 30, 1996, exactly ten years ago, the Mariners made one of their best trades in club history when they traded Darren Bragg to the Red Sox for Jamie Moyer. Paul at NGFT linked a pretty good "Still the Same Jamie" article which is a good read. For a good laugh, check out the ten years of Mariners commercials up on their site and see how much or little Jamie's changed over the years -- starting with, of course, 1998's "Killer Changeup". Happy ten years of Mariners baseball, Jamie!

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