Sunday, July 30, 2006

I think Pat Gillick still hates me

Abreu and Lidle Traded to Yankees

Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle go to the Yankees; the Phillies get a former first-round shortstop C.J. Henry, LHP Matt Smith, rookie league catcher Jesus Sanchez and RHP prospect Carlos Monasterios.

Also, they DFA'ed Ryan Franklin to make room for Randy Wolf, which honestly doesn't soften it any for me. Wolf started today and the Phillies won, but he only went a little over four innings and threw about ninety-seven thousand pitches.

I can't imagine Abreu in a Yankees uniform. I was positive they weren't going to come up with enough stuff to make it worth trading him.

I'm going to cry.

Well, not literally. I'll probably be over it in a few days (though it'll be tough when the Yankees come here in two weeks). It's still just shocking. For years, "Abreu trade rumors" have been exactly that, and every little kid in Philadelphia knows that Bobby's still gonna be there the next day smiling and signing autographs and kicking ass. Until now, of course.

As usual, there's discussion on the roster moves (including yesterday's Bell trade) in various threads on Beerleaguer, Phillies Nation, and The Good Phight, and I'm sure there will be more tomorrow in the Phlogs that don't update much over the weekends. Consensus seems to be, generally, that "this was a really bad deal and an unnecessary salary unload to restock some prospects in a stupidly-depleted farm system".

Even my MOTHER sent me email like "Please explain to me why the stupid Phillies traded a great hitter like Bobby Abreu to the NY Yankees for 4 draft picks?"

I had such high hopes for this year's Phillies team, I really did. The idea that the Mariners have more of a shot at the postseason than they do is just astounding to me.

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