Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top Ten Things Deanna Was Thinking During The All-Star Game

10. "Jason Bay is so much cooler than Eddie Vedder."
9. "David Wright is such a dork, even if he's a cute dork."
8. "Oo, how often do you get to see Halladay pitch to Holliday?"
7. "Brad Penny is pretty good, but the truth is, he's powered by high socks."
6. "Holy crap, the NL might actually win this time?"
5. "Scott Kazmir really looks like he's about twelve years old."
4. "Hmm, I can't decide which is funnier, Bronson Arroyo's kickline or that they're playing his music video into the commercial break."
3. "Do not meddle in the affairs of catchers, for you are crunchy and taste good with tagouts."
2. "Jose Lopez playing 3rd base? Whoa."
1. "I realize there's a history of second basemen in Pittsburgh snatching victory out of the claws of defeat in the ninth inning, but this is ridiculous."

#9 was due to two things:

1) They showed a "Getting to know David Wright" clip which went something like this: "Hi, I'm David Wright, the third baseman from the New York Mets. I come from Norfolk, Virginia, and as you know -- Virginia IS for lovers. I may be wearing number #5... but my favorite show is 24. [Holds up a DVD case.] You never know what Jack Bauer is going to do next, and you never know what I'm going to do next either. For some reason I love to rock the pastel shirts. [They show him wearing several various ugly shirts.] Wait a minute! This isn't pastel!"

2) Later in the game, they went into the stands to interview David Wright's dad, and the reporter's like, "So, we're here to get the dirt on your son," and his dad's just like "Uhhh... David's such a great kid, a perfect son, he always got along with us and his brothers, I'm not sure there IS any dirt on him that I can give you. Let's see... He got in a food fight in high school once? I think he got a one-day suspension..."

Anyway, David Wright got his blog entry about the game up before I got mine up, so I feel sort of dumb. He'll be on Late Night with David Letterman tonight, if you have a chance to watch.

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