Friday, March 31, 2006

Rain, Rain, don't go away, come again on Saturday

As mentioned on USSM: if it rains in Tacoma on Saturday, rather than rain out the game, the Mariners and Rainiers will play their exhibition game at Safeco Field instead. For free!

How cool is that? I was sort of bitter when tickets to the game sold out in about 15 minutes flat. Now, I guess we should feel bad for people who spent a ton of money on the tickets in the first place, but isn't it really cool that they'd let people come see the game for free if it gets moved?

So, stay tuned to KOMO or the site on Saturday morning -- and be prepared to head down to Safeco. There's something like a 65% chance of it raining all weekend, and for once, I'm hoping for it.

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