Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mariners 2006 Commercials are up!

I can't watch them until I get home from work, unfortunately, but hey, they've got the 2006 Commercials up on the Mariners' site. Take a look. I'll edit this post later or make another one with my comments on them, I'm sure.

And while you're at it, they also have the Mariners Commercials, 1994-2004 on their site, if you need a fix for watching the All-Griffey Team, or Jamie's Killer Changeup, or Kazu Learns English the Niehaus Way, or the infamous Edgar "I took my geoduck to Puyallup" lesson, and so on.

In a few weeks I'll hopefully get around to doing my 2006 version of the Commercial Awards, too, once most teams have posted them.

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