Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boone retires, Winn and Ibanez sign extensions

My new computer arrived today. Whee. Unfortunately, I'm having issues moving things from the old computer, so I may not be doing Friday Fotos for a bit. The offseason's just about over anyway.

Bret Boone retires

I'm not really sure what to say here. Unlike most people who either loved or hated The Boone, I mostly couldn't care less about him. There were these little kids who sat behind me in section 334 who absolutely adored him though, to the point that they'd always be asking their parents, "Where's Bret Boone? What did Bret Boone do? When will Bret Boone bat?" even after Boone was DFA'ed.

I think msb does a good job of telling the story of the Boone roller coaster in a comment on USSM.

Randy Winn signs 3 year, $23 million contract extension

I know, people think this is a bad contract. In my mind, I just compare it to Johnny Damon, who's getting paid twice as much for pretty much the same skillset (reasonable hitter, runs fast, good outfield defense, awful arm. And Randy's a switch-hitter, too) and the same age, and Randy Winn is a local boy for the Giants and all.

Since I always liked Randy Winn, despite him having the Napoleon Dynamite DVD in his player basket during the Mariners Care auction, I'm happy for him getting a big contract.

Raul Ibanez signs 2 year, $11 million contract extension

I started writing this to be silly the other day when I first heard about the contract (but it wasn't finalized then), so I might as well post it.

R is for the runs you score, which help to make us win;
A is for the attitude and class that you bring in.
U is for unusual, that Buhner-Brynner 'do;
L is for the left field line so often in your view.

I is for "intangibles", a word we often hear
B is for the bat you swing, and fences that you clear.
A is also assets like your awesome arm and aim
N is for the new guys who you welcome to the game
E is for eleven million reasons you belong
And Z's for Warren Zevon, who sings your intro song.

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