Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Night at Jingu - Gomiuri vs. Yakult - GO HOME HISAYOSHI!

Thankfully, there was no rain. Went to the Giants-Swallows game with Mac and Kozo and Pellegrini and Australian Chris, and the Japanese friends of the Tsubamegun guys. It was my first game in the Yakult outfield this year, so everyone was like "long time no see!" and "oh, of course you came to cheer against the Giants!"

The good:
- Still haven't reached my quota of free tickets on my fan club membership.
- KFC right by the Gate 1 entrance, so I could quickly grab food and run out to section D.
- Hadn't met Kozo before, he seems like a cool guy, he knows most of the words to the Swallows ouenka
- I remember enough Swallows ouenka to be effective
- Spent a while talking to Crazy Carp Dude, who told me that he wants Shinya Tsuruoka to play for Yakult "because his face is interesting".
- Swallows scored a run, so I could sing "Kutabare Yomiuri"
- The crazy clarinet dude who yells heckling stuff into a megaphone spent a good 5 minutes yelling obscenities at Hisayoshi Freaking Chono in right field

The bad:
- Hisayoshi Freaking Chono hit a 2-run home run as well as an RBI single and was game hero
- The Giants won
- The Swallows ONLY scored 1 run, so I didn't get to sing nearly enough "Kutabare Yomiuri"
- The Swallows ouendan has changed some of their songs since last year so I got a little bit confused (more on that in a sec)
- Forgot my cheer sticks, Mac lent me his since he was too busy drinking beer
- Mikinori Katoh is back in ni-gun :(


The "Gomiuri" t-shirt was designed by Crazy Carp Dude, I think -- it shows someone throwing a Giants G logo into a trash can.
I forget who pulled the Shinnosuke Abe card from the Calbee pack, but I believe one of the Japanese guys in the back taped the, uh, F-word on it before taping it on Zombie Pellegrini, who wasn't too happy about this game.

I don't have a lot to say about the game itself. You can read summaries here or here.

As for the ouenka, fortunately I checked the official Yakult ouendan site to remind myself of the words... only to find that a whole bunch of them had changed. Notably I remembered Shinya Miyamoto as being "Shinya is the best shortstop in Japan" which changed to 慎也よ導け日本一 or "Shinya's GUIDANCE is the best in Japan". Aoki's cheer also changed a little, it changed from "leadoff man" to "number one" as well as I think it was "shouri no tobira wo hirake", or "opening the door to victory" and is now "asu he no tobira wo hirake", or "opening the door to tomorrow". There are also obviously a few new players that I don't know the songs for yet, like Atsushi Fujimoto, and there is a new Lupin the 3rd chance theme that was pretty fun.

They haven't changed Yasushi Iihara's song though, which is all that matters :)

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