Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm in Osaka!

I'll be going to Koshien (the Spring Invitational High School Baseball Tournament, aka Senbatsu) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and the morning part of Thursday. Well, assuming there isn't a ton of rain, which there is supposed to be, and which will suck.

If you want real indepth coverage of Koshien, you should, as always, read this Kokoyaku blog rather than mine or anyone else's. But I do hope to take some decent shots while I'm there, weather and seating permitting.

Something I find amusing is that the way the draw worked, yesterday, Yamagata Chuo, one of the three "21st-century teams", came to Koshien and immediately got POUNDED 14-4 by perennial powerhouse Nichidai Sanko (aka Nihon University #3 HS). "Welcome to Koshien, Yamagata Chuo, now it's time to meet your worst nightmare, Nichidai San..."

Today, Koyo HS from Wakayama, another 21st-century team, managed to beat Kaisei from Shimane. Guess who they're playing next? "Welcome to Koshien, Koyo. Meet Nichidai San."

Our plan is to hit Koshien by 8am tomorrow, since the games start at 9, and the rain is supposed to start around 2pm. We should hopefully get at least one rain-free game in... sadly the first one is Shinko Gakuen vs. Kochi, which isn't nearly as interesting as Morioka Daifu vs. summer defending champions Chukyodai Chukyo, the second match of the day. The third is Takaoka Shogyo against perennial contestants Chiben Wakayama.

Wednesday's matches should include Kansei vs. Konan, Teikyo vs. Kobe Kokusai, and Imabari Nishi vs. Mie, all interesting ones. Sadly, by the time that Hifumi kid and Tokaidai Sagamihara starts, I should be on a train going back to Tokyo. Alas. This is, of course, assuming no games get pushed back due to rain. Really, as long as I get to see Teikyo and Itoh-kun again, I won't be too sad.

By the way, get a load of today's Fighters game! They were up 14-1 by the time I left to go to Tokyo station in the 2nd or 3rd inning, and eventually won 16-2. Crazy.

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