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Fighters ouenka (cheer songs) 2007

Here's a set of the Fighters ouenka -- cheer songs sung for each player's at-bat and other songs sung at different situations in the game -- with pronunciations and cheering directions in English.

It occurs to me that there's a chance that if I don't post these tonight, they will be utterly useless for several months (and in a few cases, forever, aside from when the Fighters fans get bored and decide to sing random old player themes before games).

I'm hoping that they will be useful for a few more weeks, but just in case, I am posting them. I actually translated most of these a few weeks back before going to a game, and then of course it was the infamous "Dare aitsu?" ("who the hell is that?") lineup in Chiba the day after they clinched first place in the PL.

From sources both official and unofficial.

It is important to note that we call the following players by their first names:
- Hichori Morimoto (because Hichori is a weird name and Morimoto is common)
- Kensuke Tanaka and Yukio Tanaka, for obvious reasons
- Naoto Inada (because otherwise we'd confuse Inaba and Inada)
- Shinji Takahashi (Takahashi is also too common a name)
- Hisashi Takeda and Masaru Takeda, for obvious reasons

1. Hichori Morimoto / 森本稀哲
(This year we don't sing the words to the Yakiniku Erika fanfare)

心の叫びをバットにぶつけろ 立ち上がれ いざ見せろ 燃える男の魂を
Kokoro no / sakebi wo / BATTO ni butsukero // tachiagare / iza misero / moeru otoko no tamashii wo (Kattobase Hichori!)

3. Kensuke Tanaka / 田中賢介
(コール) 賢介~×3
(three times call: KENSUKE!!!!!!)

どこまでも飛ばせ 賢介ガッツだGoGoGo 僕らは待つよ 輝く瞬間
Dokomademo tobase / Kensuke GATTSU da gogogo // Bokura wa matsu yo / Kagayaku shunkan (Kattobase Kensuke!)

5. Fernando Seguignol
俺たちの夢のせ アーチを描け 熱いその気持ちを込めて 飛ばせ空のかなた
Oretachi no yume no se / ACHI wo egake // Atsui sono kimochi wo komete / tobase sora no kanata (Kattobase Se-gi-no-ru!)

(On "ACHI wo egake", wave your arms in an arc from left to right; on "tobase" wave left, "sora no" wave right, and "kanata" arms go from up to down in the middle)

6. Yukio Tanaka / 田中幸雄
行くぞ幸雄ホームラン センターオーバーホームラン 弾丸ライナーだ 飛ばせ運べ幸雄
Ikuzo Yukio home run / SENTAA OBAA home run // dangan RAINAA da / tobase hakobe Yukio! (Kattobase Yukio!)

(Right hand up for "Dan", left hand up for "Gan", get down on "Liner da" and then JUMP!)

7. Tomochika Tsuboi / 坪井智哉
(ファンファーレ) PL~ 青学~ 東芝(阪神!) 坪井~ つ・ぼ・い!
(Fanfare: PL -- Aogaku -- Toshiba (Hanshin!) Tsuboiiii - TSU! BO! I!)

俊足飛ばして グラウンド駆け抜けろ 魅せろ今だ坪井 勝利へ導け
Shunsoku tobashite / GURAUNDO kakenukero // Misero ima da Tsuboi / Shouri e michibike (Kattobase Tsuboi!)

8. Makoto Kaneko / 金子誠
狙いは誠、絶好球 飛ばせ遥かスタンドへ
Nerai wa Makoto / Zekkokyu // Tobase haruka / SUTANDO e (Kattobase Kaneko!)

30. Shinji Takahashi / 高橋信二
新たな時代(とき)を築け 熱く熱く燃やせ 美作(みまさか)男児の心意気 進め誇り高く
Arata na toki wo kizuke / Atsuku atsuku moyase // Mimasaka danji no kokoroiki / Susume hokori takaku (Kattobase Shinji!)

31. Eiichi Koyano / 小谷野栄一
遥か天高く 空に輝く 栄光を掴め 小谷野栄一
Haruka ten takaku / Sora ni kagayaku // Eikou wo tsukame / Koyano Eiichi (Kattobase Koyano!)

32. Satoshi Nakajima / 中嶋聡
魅せろ男中嶋 秘めたその力で バットに想い乗せて夢を天高く飛ばせ
Misero otoko Nakajima / Himeta sono chikara de // BATTO ni omoi nosete / Yume wo ten takaku tobase (Kattobase Nakajima!)

39. Keizo Kawashima / 川島慶三
俊足巧打 打つぞ川島 スタンドを沸かせる 若き戦士
Shunsoku kouda / Utsuzo Kawashima // SUTANDO wo wakaseru / Wakaki senshi (Kattobase Kawashima!)

41. Atsunori Inaba / 稲葉篤紀
(If fanfare, sing the first line of chance music, then I-NA-BA!)

今見せろ お前の底力を 突き進め 勝利を掴み取れ
Ima misero / Omae no soko chikara wo // Tsuki susume / Shouri wo tsukami tore (Kattobase Inaba!)

52. Toshimasa Konta / 紺田敏正
走れ走れ紺田 風より早く 飛ばせ俊足 グラウンド駆け抜けろ
Hashire hashire Konta / Kaze yori hayaku // Tobase shunsoku / GURAUNDO kakenukero (Kattobase Konta!)

54. Naoto Inada / 稲田直人
ラーラ ララララ ラーラ ララララ なおとホームラン ラーラーラー ララララーララ ホームラン な・お・と!!
La la la la la la, Naoto Homerun, la la la la la Homerun Na-o-to! (Kattobase Naoto!)

(Sing first time acapella with just clapping to the beat, then just start jumping the entire time in a chaotic fashion. For the name "Naoto" the second time, put out right hand first on "na", left on "o", right on "to".)

64. Shinya Tsuruoka / 鶴岡慎也
鶴岡慎也 燃えろ打てよ 鶴岡慎也 ホームラン 鶴岡慎也 狙え放て 飛ばせホームラン
Tsuruoka Shinya moero uteyo / Tsuruoka Shinya Homerun // Tsuruoka Shinya nerae hanate / Tobase homerun (Kattobase Tsuruoka!)

Other Players' Theme 1:
勝利を誘(いざな)う晴れ舞台(ラララ) みなぎる闘志をぶつけろ(選手名)
Shouri wo izanau hare butai LALALA // Minagiru toushi wo butsukero (name)

Other Players' Theme 2: (notably used for Kudoh)
行けそれ行け 打てそれ打て 走れここで輝け Let's Go FIGHTERS
Ike sore ike / Ute sore ute // Hashire / Kokode kagayake / Let's go Fighters

Sanka: (sung before the game, in the 5th inning, and in the case of victory and/or the oendan just happen to get bored and need to fill time during a pitcher's change or something else like that)

誰が鳴らすかあの鐘は 勇気を讃えて空高く
燃える心の茜雲 明日に向かって飛んでゆけ
進めファイターズ勝利の男 進めファイターズさわやかに

Darega narasu ka ano kane ha / Yuuki wo tataete sora takaku
Moeru kokoro no akane kumo / Ashita ni mukatte tonde yuke
Susume Fighters / shouri no otoko / Susume Fighters / sawayakani

Go Go Fighters! (sung in the 7th inning)

F・I・G・H・T・E・R・S Let's Go!
時計台の鐘が鳴る 希望の大地で
大いなる大志を抱いて 明日へ駆け出せ!
行け!行け! ファイターズ! 進め!進め! ファイターズ!
走れ!走れ! ファイターズ! Go!Go! ファイターズ!
飛びたてファイターズ! 輝けファイターズ!
F・I・G・H・T・E・R・S Let's Go!

F・I・G・H・T・E・R・S Let's Go!
Tokeidai no kane ga naru / Kibou no daichi de
Ooinaru taishi wo daite / Ashita e nukedase!
Ike! Ike! FAITAAZU! Susume! Susume! FAITAAZU!
Hashire! Hashire! FAITAAZU! Go! Go! FAITAAZU!
Tobidate FAITAAZU! Kagayake FAITAAZU!
F・I・G・H・T・E・R・S Let's Go!

Okay, so now you are all ready to help me cheer on the Fighters on Thursday. Right? Well, aside from the fact that I'll be at work during the game, but still. You have to admit that Darvish vs. Naruse with the entire season on the line is extremely exciting, although I'm probably going to have a heart attack by then. Oh well, at least we'll always have Naoto vs. The Cameraman to look back on fondly...

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