Saturday, October 20, 2007

Congratulations, Dragons. You're going down.

The Chunichi Dragons just swept the entirety of the Central League playoffs, finishing off today when the Giants shot themselves in the foot, running into a retarded double play when Furuki pinch-ran at first, ran on a fly ball by Damon Hollins, which was caught, and fired in to double up Furuki by a mile. The fact that Kimutaku struck out after that to end the game was just sort of stupid.

So, now of course I go into Dragons-hating mode, which isn't too difficult because I'm pretty pissed off about having my weekend ruined. They couldn't lose ONE game? They had to sweep? Now I don't get to go to any baseball games on my days off AND I'm not even sure how to get the money back for the tickets I bought for Sunday and Monday's games, which aren't happening now.

What I really don't understand is why the hell this series started on Thursday instead of Friday. If it was on Friday, then Sunday would be a guaranteed game, but instead, Sunday and Monday weren't. PLUS the first game coincided with the last game of the PL Playoffs. How stupid is that? If they'd just started one day later, I'd get to see a game tomorrow AND they wouldn't have overlapped. But, noooooo.

Anyway, yeah, now it's a rematch of last year's series, which isn't necessarily bad. I guess maybe I can look into Asia Series tickets instead or something, since no matter who wins it's going to be a team I like to watch. BUT, this means I now have to root against the Dragons for the next two weeks. Yes, even Morino. No hard feelings, I hope, Dragonbutt.

Oh yeah, and Trey Hillman is going to manage the Kansas City Royals next year. Sigh. I mean, I knew he was leaving, but now it feels like a real goodbye.

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