Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Second Birthday, Marinerds

Oh, geez, I didn't even notice this, but Monday actually marked the two-year anniversary of me starting this blog.

Everything I said last year still applies, plus all of the awesome new faces I got to know around here in the last year.

Offhand, I think the highlights of Marinerds' second season were, generally speaking:
- pinch-blogging for Jeff at Lookout Landing
- playing fantasy baseball with the Phloggers (and placing 3rd!)
- getting more involved contributing at (and being a wannabe Gary Garland during the offseason)
- the Fighters winning the Japan Series
- my trip to Japan for a few weeks last fall
- getting the Nikon D50 (and immediately attacking the A's with it)
- writing more song parodies and more player conversation parodies
- attempting to run the Seattle Baseball Book Club, even if it fizzled in the end (if anyone wants to restart it, let me know, I'll help)
- and of course, going to way too many games, some of which the Mariners even won!

I'm probably forgetting things. I need to sleep.

I have no idea what the future holds, nor whether I'll still be writing this thing in another year, but hey, thanks to everyone who's been along for the ride, and especially to those of you who left comments or emails to let me know when I was being particularly funny or stupid. You guys rock.

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