Thursday, April 26, 2007


Mariners 2, Athletics 0

It has a much nicer ring than "Blantowned", which was the theme of last season.

I only watched the first four innings of the game, because I had a birthday gathering to go to at 8pm. We were ice skating, and by the time the zamboni came out to redo the rink halfway through the session, I checked the game score on my cellphone and it was already over.

I realize that a lot of people are saying things like, "Great, Jarrod Washburn shut out the Sacramento Rivercats of Oakland on three hits", and so on, but you know, they play the games for a reason. Yeah, the current squad of non-injured A's aren't hitting particularly well, and maybe it's just lucky that Guillen and Johjima's hits were home runs (I mean, I saw Guillen's -- I thought it was foul with the first camera angle, even), but hey, give a guy credit for going out there and pitching a complete game win, and give the Mariners credit for continuing to win against the A's, and more importantly, win against Joe Blanton. I think it's fair to say that the Cupcakes Curse has been dispelled for now.

Despite getting swept by the Angels last weekend, the Mariners are still 6-5 against divisional rivals, which is a far shot better than last year. Small steps. You have to walk before you can run. Just ask Jose Vidro.

Today's game starts in about half an hour, and at this rate, will be over by the time I get out of my normal Thursday 2pm meeting. Marco Scutaro will undoubtedly get the game-winning hit for the A's. and the Mariners managed to make it to 7-5 against the AL West. Wowie!

As an aside, since I have nowhere good to mention it in particular: Fighters veteran Yukio Tanaka needs 10 hits to reach 2000 for his career. The Fighters even have a little graphic/Flash countdown on their home page, linking to a records countdown page. At this rate, he'll probably reach 2000 somewhere around late May, I'm guessing.

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