Thursday, March 08, 2007

RIP John Vukovich, 1947-2007

Man, I don't even really know what to say. John Vukovich was a player on the Phillies when I was born, came back to them as a coach when I was in elementary school, and has been there ever since. I didn't even know he had a relapse of the brain tumor, and now he's, well, gone.

Jayson Stark, on the other hand, knows what to say. So read his eulogy, because it is good.

The official Phillies site has an announcement of his death, a reprint of a article on Vuke from 2004, and a whole bunch of quotes from baseball people remembering him. They point out that there are only two men in history to wear a Phillies uniform in Connie Mack Stadium, Veterans Stadium, and Citizens Bank Park -- and that'd be Vuke and Bowa. Now *there's* a lifetime with the Phillies.


(EDIT> This might be a good time to join the "Curt Schilling is blogging!" wave by mentioning that he wrote a great entry about Vukovich.)

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