Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Fantasy" Baseball, part 2

Well, in accordance with my super-sekrit talent evaluation which I used last year, this afternoon I went through yet another fantasy draft. (I placed 3rd last year in a league of Phillies bloggers; this year I'm in a league of Bay Area baseball geeks)

Sadly, I had pick #2 out of 18 total teams, which meant that I was choosing in clusters, which made it pretty frustrating for me because I'd have a LOT of downtime to try to plan my next two picks, and by the time I got there, they'd both be gone and I'd have to rethink everything again. I got sniped on a LOT of players, notably Mike Cameron, Austin Kearns, and Conor Jackson -- so this is what I ended up with:

The 2007 Red Swinglines*

1. Johan Santana, SP, Min
2. Michael Young, SS, Tex
3. Brian McCann, C, Atl
4. Huston Street, RP, Oak
5. Nick Swisher, LF/1B, Oak
6. Erik Bedard, SP, Bal
7. Cole Hamels, SP, Phi
8. Eric Chavez, 3B, Oak
9. Ian Kinsler, 2B, Tex
10. Eric Byrnes, CF, Ari
11. Andy Pettitte, SP, NYY
12. Geoff Jenkins, RF, Mil
13. Scot Shields, RP, LAA
14. Ryan Shealy, 1B, KC
15. Ian Snell, SP, Pit
16. Boof Bonser, SP, Min
17. Jose Lopez, 2B, Sea
18. Joe Blanton, SP, Oak
19. Xavier Nady, RF, Pit
20. David Ross, C, Cin
21. Chris Duncan, OF, StL
22. Chris Snelling, OF, Was
23. Craig Wilson, 1B, Atl
24. Ben Zobrist, SS, TB
25. Ryan Madson, SP, Phi

My team is overly heavy on A's, cute lefty pitchers, Erics, and ex-Pirates.

However, I just noticed that I don't have a backup 3B for when Eric Chavez inevitably gets injured this season, so I guess I'm going to have to start looking at the waiver wire. Oops.

Sadly, I am proudest of my bench picks. Chris Duncan, Chris Snelling, and Ben Zobrist could work out pretty well for me.

Also, yeah, I didn't get King Felix this year but instead I got King Cole, who goes a lot better with my theme (cute lefty pitchers) anyway. I'd considered overdrafting for King Richard The Brokenharden but didn't want to go through any more heartbreak.

I'll write something about the glorious weekend of NPB baseball later tonight, hopefully.

* clever team name credit goes to Josh Buergel, who came up with it for our softball team, I used it for my fantasy team last year too

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