Thursday, March 22, 2007

NPB Schedule page, and other hacks

Sorry for the lack of substantial posts here lately, but I've been busy with a whole lot of stuff in Real Life (such as rocking out, Okinawa-style, among other things) and then when I've been doing baseball stuff it's mostly been trying to turn a few minutes of spare time towards projects I really wanted to have finished before the NPB season started, but apparently won't have them as finished as I wanted them to be.

Anyway, the two main projects I've been working on are:
  • Automating translated Yahoo box scores -- hopefully when the season starts (Saturday at 1pm if you're in Japan, Friday at 9pm if you're in Seattle) I'll get to see if my Perl scripts that I wrote to work with the 2006 games work for the 2007 games. They still don't even have all of the new players for this year entered there, which is making me nervous.

  • NPB Game Schedules complete with Google Maps to all the stadiums, and schedules of games by region, prefecture, and metro area. This is still sort of a prototype, though all of the schedules work and it should be at least marginally useful to some people. I've been working on a better web app along the lines of the baseball-reference "travel" thingy though. Hopefully I'll have it up before too long.

    The idea was basically for all of the people who post to saying "I'm going to Osaka in late May, what games can I see?" and such, there'd be a way they could call up that information. But I want it to be more specific -- like for myself, I've printed up a list of all the Fighters and Hawks games in Tokyo, for example.

Anyway, I've been an utter failure at getting things done the last few weeks on this -- and now I'm suddenly realizing how close the MLB season is. While I look forward to getting to go to real baseball games again, and take cool pictures of players, and write funny game reports, I'm terrified at the implications for what'll happen to my free time :)

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