Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No Goose, No Juice

2007 HOF Inductees Announced.

The two shoe-ins were elected, and that was it -- Ripken Jr, Gwynn Sr. No Mac, no Bert, no Rice, no dice.

I honestly don't have much of an opinion on the McGwire issue. I'm surprised by the low number of votes, but not surprised that he didn't make it in, I guess.

Jay Buhner got one token vote, but the real close shave here went to Goose Gossage, who fell only 21 votes short of election this year with 71.2% of the vote. I'll take this opportunity as a baseball book nerd to plug his autobiography The Goose Is Loose, which earned him a spot in the Baseball Books Wall of Fame as far as I'm concerned -- it's pretty damn entertaining stuff.

Also, yesterday was 2006 inductee Bruce Sutter's birthday. It would have been much funnier if the results were announced then.

In completely unrelated news, but I don't feel like making a separate post yet, Esteban Yan will be playing for the Hanshin Tigers next year. Whoa.

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