Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Foto: 1980 Phillies

When I was back east over the holidays, I went through some old photo albums and scanned in a few pictures. (It's funny, but almost every picture of me until I'm about five years old, I'm wearing a Phillies hat or shirt or something, no joke.) These are pictures from the 1980 NLCS and World Series. I'll put a few up here on the blog front page, and the rest are on a separate pictures page. Check 'em out!

All of these pictures (as far as I know) were taken by my father, Mike Rubin, who taught me at a young age the value of a good telephoto lens over the cost of tickets in the 700 level at Veterans Stadium.

October 7, 1980, NLCS, Phillies line up on the first-base line. Check out Bobby Boone and Larry Bowa all the way on the left, and the hair of Garry Maddox and Bake McBride.

NLCS, Astros lining up on the third-base line.

October 21, 1980. Final game of the World Series.

Royals line up on the third-base line.

Tug McGraw replaces Steve Carlton on the mound in the 8th inning.

Willie Wilson at bat, the famous last at-bat of the 1980 World Series.

I think everyone was too excited to get any pictures of the game ending, see.

Bonus picture: this is me, mid-summer 1980. I'm three years old, left-handed, and I want to be Steve Carlton when I grow up.

We're at a neighborhood Phillies event, and the Phanatic won't give me back to my mom. I'm perfectly fine with that.

I figured it's been a pretty Phillies week around this blog, so I might as well finish it off that way. I'll have my next set of Japanese baseball photos up pretty soon.

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