Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kazumi Saitoh in Arizona

He's such a dork, he arrived and almost immediately updated his blog on his website :) And because I'm such a dork I figured I'd write out a blog translation.

Today's entry will be here once it becomes backnumbered. He's apparently in Phoenix with fellow Hawks Hiroki Kokubo and Tomoaki Egawa (and Yokohama's Yoshimi). 43-year-old veteran pitcher Kimiyasu Kudoh, who just got taken by the Bay Stars as compensation for the Giants signing away FA Ken Kadokura, has also been in Phoenix for a while. Anyway, Saitoh writes:

Yay! My computer's up and I've got a net connection! (though I didn't set it up.)
From today onwards (it's now 9:30pm on the 8th in Arizona) we've started our independent training!
Honestly, starting training has me thinking a bunch of mixed feelings, from "I'm nervous", to "Okay, I've started training again" to "Geez... it's already started...?"
But, in order to feel less uneasy in spring training amidst the shouts of "run!" "throw!" etc, I think I want to get back into a serious workout routine while I'm here.
Arizona has some crazy awesome weather!
It's like Hawaii or Guam, really high temperature (hot like summertime), but the humidity is low, it's a really great environment to be in.
Only catch is that I have to be careful of the low temperatures in the morning and evening. Except for that, this is the best place ever!

Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep to prepare for tomorrow's workout. I want to get up early for training camp.
I'll write more about it again later.
So, goodnight...
I've thought it might be fun to translate some Japanese player blogs here from time to time, we'll see. I should go back and translate the one where Saitoh was like, "51 million dollars?!?! Holy crap!"

Also, alert Jeff Shaw! Ex-Hawk Tadahito Iguchi is hanging out in Nago, Okinawa, trying to teach Hawks catcher Naoki Matoba how to hit. Given that catcher is the main hole in the lineup offense-wise for the Hawks next year, this could be a great service Iguchi is providing for his former team.

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