Monday, January 15, 2007

Kazumi Saitoh in Arizona, Part 2

Yes, I'm still a big dork. Yes, this is what I feel like translating today.

Saitoh, Kokubo, Egawa and Yoshimi spent Sunday going to the Grand Canyon, and Saitoh wrote about it on his blog:
On the 14th, we finally had our first off-day since coming to Arizona, so everyone went to the Grand Canyon.

I had actually been there two years ago when I trained in Arizona, and this was Kokubo's fourth time there, but since Egawa and Yoshimi had never been there, we went for their sake.
So even though I'd been there before, we took a different route there this time, and I got just as excited as the other two.
We arrived at the Grand Canyon around 4pm. Along the way I saw sand that looked like the most pure white snow. Seeing that "snow" along one side as we went through the desert area, it was just the most beautiful scenery, so peaceful and relaxing!
After two years, all I could say about the Grand Canyon this time was still just "Awesome!" "Amazing!"
The power of nature is so amazing that it just makes your worries and even your own existence seem so small in comparison.
It's usually a difficult thing to comprehend, but when you're in front of the Grand Canyon, you know that it's the truth.
Everyone, if you ever have the chance, by all means try to come here. I'm sure it's been a life-changing experience for people who have.
Thanks to the beauty and peace of the Grand Canyon, I feel refreshed and ready to work hard at training from tomorrow onward!

PS - when I return to Japan, I'll put the pictures I took at the Grand Canyon and of our training workouts in general up on the home page, so, please wait until then to enjoy them!

Wheeee, sounds like they're having fun, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures, that's for sure! It's really a shame I sort of feel like rooting for every team in the Pacific League except Orix this year for one reason or another -- despite that being a Fighters fan is supposed to make me anti-Hawks, I'm such a Saitoh fangirl, and I'm hoping Kokubo really does come back from this in good shape, and I wonder if Egawa is still doing his "Post-Kokubo" training by following him around, heh. At least he's having more fun than the Hawks rookies, who are going through new member orientation (no, really) and all.

Oh yeah, and in other news, the song "Sorafune" by TOKIO is going to be the opening theme for the Spring Koshien high school invitational tournament. Which is funny to me, since I've had that song going through my head for a few weeks now. (Yes, I watched "My Boss My Hero". Yes, I like Tomoya Nagase. Shut up.)

And FINALLY some news about Seguignol! Sounds like a 1-year, 2-oku contract with incentives bringing it to 2.5-oku (about $2 million), and they're hoping to have it all settled in time for spring camp. Woohoo! I am a lot less worried now about our lack of bats, even though Andy Green could still be a big question mark. GANBARE FIGHTERS!

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