Monday, March 09, 2009

WBC interlude: My Stomach Is Cheering for Team Japan

I have eaten more Quarter Pounders in the last week (two) than I have in the past year.

McDonald's is running a WBC cheering campaign where, if you buy a Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo or a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese combo, you get a free WBC cheering folder. The front has a player or players and the back has a cheering message like "go Japan!" or "win win win!" or whatever.

My first one was a Kawasaki one that says 勝って勝って勝ちまくれ on the back. ("Win win win!" basically.)

Then my second has Iwamura on the front and the back... says 日本はやる! which means "Japan will do it!"

And for the ages-old question from Pulp Fiction, for those of you who are wondering, in Japan, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is called a クォーターパウンダーチーズ, or... a quarter pounder with cheese. Sorry. No suspenseful country-specific name here.

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