Thursday, December 01, 2005

On The First Day of Christmas, my GM signed for me

5 Golden Gloves (not)
4 years of Wagner
3 more of Giles
2 for Scott Eyre
And a guy from Japan named Kenji.

I do wonder if the entire hot stove league will read like the Twelve Days of Christmas by the time it's over, though.

Giles re-signs with Padres, 3/30

Konerko re-signs with White Sox, 5/60

The Phillies signed Julio Santana to a one-year contract. I totally misread a headline that said something like "Phillies acquire J. Santana" and nearly freaked out, but alas, he's not THAT J. Santana. I could also say he used to pitch for the Giants, but I wouldn't be talking about THOSE Giants.

And as I predicted, Iriki fails to draw a bid in the posting system. Even he isn't surprised. Go figure.

You know what I'm wondering? When do players get to claim new uniform numbers if they want them? Newly signed and traded players seem to have already picked their uniform numbers, but for example, when will Felix shed #59 and try to take #34? Will Zach Duke shed #57 and take a lower number as well?

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