Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Foto

Sometimes I wonder about Pittsburgh's undying fascination with bobbleheads. When I was there this April, PNC Park was packed with people for a Cubs game, and I asked what the big deal was, while standing in the ticket line. Was it a lovely Friday night? Yes, but that wasn't the answer. Was Oliver Perez, a young hotshot pitching? Yes, and that was important, but secondary.

The real reason? It was Jason Bay Bobblehead Night.

Pittsburgh comes up with all sorts of crazy bobbleheads every year to keep their fans happy and nodding their heads approvingly, and this summer was no different. The most bizarre one I saw on the list was the dual bobblehead promotion, commemorating the world champion 1971 Pirates... with Steve Blass and Manny Sanguillen.

Fast forward to November, when I arrive in Pittsburgh and stay with a couple of friends who actually went to the game and GOT the bobblehead. Lemme tell you, this is a damn spooky thing to see moving around out of the corner of your eye while you're trying to fall asleep on a couch.


Manny sez, "I'm bobbing my head because I can't see from under this big plastic catcher's mask!"

Poor Steve Blass may always be remembered for his inexplicable loss of control in 1973, but at least now people will be shelving him for another reason.

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