Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Even his middle name is the capital of Texas

Kevin Millwood is coming to the AL West after all, but with the Texas Rangers.

Honestly, I'm happy he's finally getting a good long contract. As a Millwood fan, I'm also happy that I'll get to see him pitch a little more often since he's in the AL West, even if it means he'll be pitching against the Mariners more.

My guess is that he seriously wouldn't want to come to Seattle, anyway -- he was concerned about having his wife and kids live in Philadelphia when he was there as well -- I'm guessing he sees Texas, and the area near DFW, as a good place, being a southern boy and a churchy sort and all. Texas also has no state income tax, so it's not like we have an advantage over them there either.

What I'm curious about is -- what uniform number will he wear for Texas? He's had #34 his whole career, but is going to a team where #34 is one of their few retired numbers (for Nolan Ryan).

Anyway, on to other things -- Greg at Caught Looking pointed out that the Phillies had done a 2005 in Review sort of thing, with links to articles from the different events through the year. I found that to definitely be a much less depressing read than the corresponding Mariners 2005 in Review article -- wow, did we really just sign Yuniesky Betancourt in January 2005? It feels like it was ages and ages ago, doesn't it?

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